Warehouse Training

The Dot Foods warehouse can be a great place to start or grow your career. And even if you’ve never operated a forklift or wrapped a pallet before, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. You’ll be cruising our warehouse floor comfortably and confidently in no time flat.


If you can bring a willingness to work and a can-do attitude to our team, you’ll fit right in.
Welcome aboard! Your first week will be spent in the classroom learning a little more about Dot Foods and our industry. We’ll also cover the basic rules and policies to keep you safe on the warehouse floor.
During your second week, you’ll shadow and work side-by-side with a warehouse trainer. Most new employees will start this training by learning how to use the electric pallet jack (also known as a “mule”).
Once you’re comfortable on the mule, we’ll get you trained and certified on the other key pieces of equipment you’ll be using. We do this to give you variety in your job and a better understanding of the whole warehouse process. No one wants to be stuck doing the same thing day in a day out.
During this time, your trainer will be available for questions, but they will not be hovering over your shoulder all day long. The goal of this stint of the training period is to help you become comfortable with the processes and productivity rates of the Dot warehouse.
Once you are comfortable with the processes and expectations of the warehouse worker job, you’ll be ready to fly solo for good. The whole training program takes about 90 days on average. And if you’re not quite there yet, not to worry. We won’t set you up to fail. You won’t officially “graduate” until both you and your trainer are confident that you’re ready.