Earn More in the Dot Foods Warehouse

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At Dot Foods warehouses throughout the country, employees earn a respectable hourly wage on top of performance-based incentives and bonus opportunities with every paycheck. Many locations reward employees with an extra dollar per hour after a year of service with some offering additional raises after just six months.


NEW FOR 2023: With Dot’s latest pay increase, warehouse workers are earning MORE THAN EVER BEFORE! Find out how much you can make in the Dot Foods warehouse.

It’s About More Than the Hourly Wage

Hourly Pay

Make best-in-class pay in the Dot Foods warehouse. Pro Tip: If you want to take home the largest paycheck, work weekend overnights in the frozen warehouse.

Performance-Based Pay

If you safely hit or exceed productivity goals, you’ll get to take home extra pay. These performance-based pay opportunities are available with every paycheck.

Bonus Opportunities

In the Dot warehouse, team efforts are just as important as individual ones. Dot offers an annual companywide service level bonus, as well as a quarterly profit bonus to all warehouse employees.

Vacation, Sick, & Personal Time

After you’ve been at Dot for six months, you will get 40 hours of vacation time. After one year, that amount increases to 80 hours. You also get eight paid holidays when you work at Dot.

Automatic Raise After Six Months

After you have worked at Dot for six months, you’ll automatically receive up to a 50¢-per-hour raise.

Up to $1 Raise After One Year

Once you have hit your one-year anniversary in the Dot Foods warehouse, you may be eligible for up to a $1 raise based on your work performance, safety mindset, and attendance record.

Benefits That Prioritize Your Well-Being

At Dot, we prioritize your well-being. Part of that well-being means we make sure you have access to benefits that will keep you and your family healthy, safe, and covered.

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