What will my first day look like?
While no two employees will have identical on-boarding experiences, we do have every employee go through a similar new employee orientation (NEO) course to learn all about the Dot Foods history, brand, and mission. Employees in every department are given a thorough and hands-on training, spanning, in some cases, several weeks. We encourage every new hire to ask lots of questions as they get their feet wet. It’s our goal to give every employee a positive and beneficial on-boarding process as well as every chance to succeed within the company.
What does warehouse training consist of?
Every DC is different, so a Mt. Sterling experience may differ greatly from that of a Liverpool or Williamsport experience, for  example. However, warehouse employees in every location must complete a thorough 90-day training program consisting of classroom instruction and on-site, hands-on involvement. We’ll also get you trained and certified on forklift operation so you won’t need to do that on your own time or pay for it out of pocket. Learn more about warehouse-specific training and orientation here.
What is the culture like?

Dot Foods has an amazing culture where we strive to make everyone feel like a valued member of the team. In the spirit of our co-founders, Robert and Dorothy Tracy, we base our culture on the following ideals: respect, honesty, teamwork, accountability, and family. To learn more about the cuture of Dot Foods, click here.

What is the dress code at Dot Foods?

Office employees adhere to a "dress for your day" policy which can include nice jeans, khaki slacks, or dress slacks for men and dress slacks, nice jeans, capri pants, or dresses/skirts for women. Tennis shoes are also permissable. Warehouse employees may wear shorts, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. and must wear steel-toed boots at all times. Those working in the frozen wearhouse must also wear the proper company-provided PPE.